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UL2-L Svetlo za na Kameru napajanje 12V 25W

Univerzalni mount i AB-60 sijalica

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The UL2-28 Ultralight-2 is an inexpensive, compact camera mounted light. Currently, one of the most widely used lights for ENG (Electronic News Gathering) applications, the UL2-28 can easily mount to all professional cameras/camcorders.
  • Universal Mounting System: The UL2-28 employs a patented universal mounting system. Options for either a 1/4-20 threaded mount or shoe mount are built-in to allow the light to mount to any professional camera. No special mounting studs or hardware options are required to mount the light to any camera. With the head module removed, the Ultralight-2 folds like a pocketknife allowing it to stay mounted on the camera, even when the camera is transported in a case.
  • Power Tap Connector: A 28" cable is hard-wired from the UL2-28 to a two-pin PowerTap connector. PowerTap receptacles can be found on all Anton Bauer Gold Mount quick-change battery mounts. Most digital (DVCAM, DVCPRO, D-9, Digital Betacam, Betacam SX, etc) camcorders conveniently incorporate a PowerTap connector near the viewfinder to allow for an easy connection to the Ultralight-2. This exclusive Anton Bauer feature allows a camera mounted light, wireless microphone, or other DC powered accessory to operate via the camera battery. The PowerTap is rated at 10 amps and is internally fused for safety.
  • Automatique: This feature is standard with a majority of the current camcorder models. A special power circuit in the PowerTap mates with the VTR roll signal in the camera/camcorder allowing an Ultralight-2 to turn On/Off automatically with the VTR. The Ultralight-2 will turn on before tape is at full "speed" and off after the tape stops rolling. This assures that every shot is free from the objectionable shadows caused by overhead lights, yet battery drain is kept to a minimum.
  • Satellight Adaptor: The optional Satellight Adapter allows the Ultralight-2 to operate remotely as a hair light or wherever a remote highlight is needed.
  • Lamp: Extensive field testing indicates that the 25W, BAB (GU5.3 Base) lamp provides the most pleasing lighting condition for most indoor interviews in the typical 3ft to 6ft range.
  • Three Available Models: The Ultralight-2 is available with one of three PowerTap cable Lengths: UL2-6 Includes 6" PowerTap cable UL2-20 Includes 20" PowerTap cable UL2-28 Includes 28" PowerTap cable
Lamp Type
25 Watt (BAB)
Mount Type
1/4-20 Screw Type or Shoe Type
Power Source
12-14 VDC
Power Consumption
25-85 Watt
Higher wattage bulbs are not
recommended due to excessive heat
Power Connector
Power Tap connector 28" cable
Dimensions (WxDxH)
2.25 x 3.75 x 4.25"
5.71x 9.52 x 10.79 cm
12 oz
0.34 kg

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UL-DC - Ultralight Dichroic Filter za Anton Bauer Lampu UL2-6

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